Hillyard Trident® B20SC Scrubber - 20"

Hillyard Trident® B20SC Scrubber - 20"

Item # 258166

  • The body completely covers the frame and the components, protecting them against damage from impacts, extending component life and minimizing repair costs.
  • Squeegee width: 28"; Disc Brushes: (1) 20"
  • Brush motor: 24V/500W; Vacuum motor: 24V/210W
  • Supply/Traction: 24V/Brush assist;
20", ea
Manufacturers Item #HIL56003

Up to 5 working hours on a single t charge. The compact design ensures high visibility during operation, and while cleaning along walls or around obstacles. The electronic control panel with auto feature activates all scrubbing functions at the same time ensuring constant cleaning performance. Battery sold separately.


  • The dripless hose for water filling can be directly connected to most faucets, saving time and simplifying the filling operation.
  • Yellow color-coded parts should be cleaned daily. This saves time and makes sure your scrubber is kept in perfect condition at all times.
  • Onboard dosing cup, accurately mix the proper amount of cleaning solution, eliminating waste and ensuring performance. It's cost effective too.
  • Uni-Chassis construction designed to last a lifetime. The chassis is a single piece engineered out of aluminum. It's more impact-resistant and corrosion-resistant than traditional scrubber frames constructed from steel.


  • Solution Tank: 10.8 Gal.
  • Recovery Tank: 10.8 Gal.
  • Brushes RPM: 140 rpm/min,
  • Brush Pressure: 50 lb.
  • Forward Speed: 0-1.86 MPH
  • Gradeability: 2%
  • Charging System: Onboard
  • Productivity: 16,000 sq ft/hr.
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