Advance FM810™ XP Deluxe Floor Machine

Advance FM810™ XP Deluxe Floor Machine

Item # 243895

  • Featuring a full 1.5 hp motor, 160 lbs of down pressure and a 3,540 RPM pad driver, the FM810 is designed to get cleaner floors in fewer passes.
  • Cleaning pad size: 14" x 20"; Motor: 1.5 hp
  • Voltage: 12V/60 Hz; Orbit speed: 3,540 rpm
  • Power cable: 50' 14/3 safety yellow; Orbit Dia.: 1/4"
Manufacturers Item #56105616

With strategically placed vibration-dampening materials packed into the body of the machine, the FM810 is significantly quieter even at its higher operating speed. That means you get full cleaning performance without noise disruption. Deluxe features include three 21 lb weights, safety switch, 6" wheels, Wheels-up/wheels-down, baseboard cleaner, detachable handle.

Deluxe Features

  • Comes with an innovative baseboard cleaner attachment as a standard feature. This simple device easily attaches to the front of the machine to provide a convenient alternative for cleaning baseboards without having to purchase a separate machine, or wors
  • Fully modular to allow BSCs and other operators who frequently lift and transport their equipment between job sites to separate it without tools into more manageable pieces. Each modular attachment component is painted bright yellow for easy identificati
  • Innovative wheels-up/wheels-down feature. Easily switch between operating modes with the wheels up or on the floor. When the wheels are up, the FM 810 XP provides the full-directional, high maneuverability of traditional floor machines. When the wheels
  • Three 21 pound weight plates are easily removed.
  • Safety switch-protects against unintended machine start-up.