Malish Mighty-Lok® Polymeric Face Pad Driver - 17"

Malish Mighty-Lok® Polymeric Face Pad Driver - 17"

Item # 235371

  • Block Diameter: 17"
17", ea
Manufacturers Item #786717

The molded polymer pad face has hundreds of individual hooks that grip into the threads of a floor pad and hold it securely while operating. The solid block includes a built-in riser and showerfeed holes allow use with solution dispensing machines.

Block Diameter: 17".

The newest technology in pad drivers is available from Malish in two separate series. Beyond providing superior gripping power, Malish engineers have improved our block and riser designs to maximize performance and durability in both our Might-Lok® and Sure-Lok® systems.

  • WARNING!: Do not use brush or pad with flammable materials (duels, solvents, thinner, etc.) or serious bodily harm or injury could result from possible fire or explosion. Any synthetic brush used for carpet shampooing must be broken in properly or carpe