Advance SC500™ Walk-Behind Scrubbers

Advance SC500™ Walk-Behind Scrubber - 20", 130 AH

Advance SC500™ Walk-Behind Scrubbers

With a modern design engineered to provide better control and improved sightlines, this compact 20" and 12 gallon disc or orbital scrubber cleans both effectively and quietly. Has a quiet mode for daytime cleaning environments. With a revolutionary flow regulation system that adjusts the solution output based on the speed of the machine, it ensures consistent cleaning results using less water and chemical while improving productivity per tank. Combine that with the exclusive EcoFlex™ system, which allows for variable detergent (including ultra-low) or water-only cleaning, and the SC500 is in a category of its own when it comes to sustainability and efficient cleaning. Features a low center of gravity and an easily accessible variable speed, pressure sensitive control paddle. Brush motor: 450W; Vacuum motor: 280W.

243575 Advance SC500™ Walk-Behind Scrubber - 20", 130 AH

248568 Advance SC500™ 20D Walk-Behind Scrubber - 20", 130 AH

244521 Advance SC500™ Walk-Behind Scrubber - 20", 140 AH

245674 Advance SC500™ REV™ Orbital Walk-Behind - 20", 130 AH